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In The Flesh Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: I Love You Amy Dyer (Season Finale)

I'm a little behind in recapping the final episode of season 2 of "In The Flesh". Oh the feels!

As you recall from the last week, Amy had asked Phillip to kill her (since her meds were no longer effective and she feared becoming rabid). At the last moment she told him to stop. Amy was apparently becoming human. She could feel the cold and even eat. Not sure how that works but yeah for Amy!!! Did I mention that the Amy/Phillip relationship is my favorite part of this show? They are so cute together. Also I'd like to do a shout out to Phillip's mom. She's a great supporting character and comic relief. 

Simon is instructed by the Undead Prophet to kill the First Risen (which he believes to be Kieren) in order to be bring about the Second Rising. Will Simon carry out the mission or does he have feelings for Kieren? And when will we learn the true identity of the UP? 

In the finale, Kieren is still being threatened with the Norfolk treatment center for something he didnt do. It seems that his parents are no longer willing to defend him. They lock Kieren in his bedroom. Im disappointed in you Steve and Sue!

The villagers are having a parade to celebrate the Winter Fete (whatever that is) and the new perimeter fence. I guess any reason for a celebration is a good reason. Led by Jem, they march to the cemetery but are confronted by the Deadies (who keep shouting "Rise, rise, rise..."). Tensions are high between the two groups. 

Gary is busy causing problems as usual. He visits Kieren in hopes of locating Simon. Gary forces Kieren to ingest Blue Oblivion. Kieren goes full zombie in the graveyard. Steve (ie Mr Walker) confronts Kieren saying he wont hurt him. Kieren does his best to fight the drug and not harm anyone. We think Simon is going to stab Kieren but instead jumps on his body to deflect a gunshot from one of the locals (sorry I dont remember her name).   

We finally learn Maxine's agenda. She wants to bring about the second coming so her brother Danny will rise from the dead. She stabs Amy in the cemetery saying "you are the first and the last". It turns out Amy is the First Risen. Or is she? I'm still not 100% certain. A blood drenched Maxine makes a rousing speech to everyone. "We can make a fresh start... Everything will be so much better. I can promise you that." And for the first time ever, I almost feel sorry for Maxine. I say "almost' because she killed Amy. AND I LOVE AMY! And that didnt even accomplish anything (except that it discredited Maxine in the eyes of all the townspeople).  

Jem breaks up with Gary. It was Gary's word against Kieren's (and she chose Kieren's side). Jem finally tells Kieren what happened to Henry and admits she needs help. More feels, I cant take it. 

Simon is labeled a traitor by the Undead Prophet. The First Risen is still out there (according to them). Simon asks Kieren to run away with him. Kieren says he is finally OK with himself and with Roarton now. Simon agrees to stay too saying Kieren is "special" even if he is not the First Risen. 

The scenes regarding Amy's funeral are heartbreaking. Amy's will states that everyone must attend her funeral in "moregeous" outfits (nothing black or dreary). Poor Phillip stays at her grave most of the night. He finally puts the tiger he won for Amy at the fair on the grave and leaves. Immediately afterwards, two mysterious government agents dig up her body. Remember them from the beginning of the episode? Not sure what's they're up to. Is she the First Risen after all?   All I know is, they BETTER bring Amy back to life/back to death/whatever or I'm not watching this show anymore. 

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Open your eyes. You know what will happen to me if they send me back to the treatment center."- Kieren to his parents. 
  • "Are you still going to like me now that I'm warming up?"- Amy to Phillip about her becoming human again. 
  • "If you live long enough you'll see all sorts."- Kieren to Simon. 
  • "Every PDS sufferer in Roarton must be destroyed (in order to bring about the Second Rising)"- Maxine to the villagers.
  • "I'd like you cold, I'd like you hot. I'd even like you tepid. You're still you, dead or alive"- Phillip to Amy. 

Grade: 5 Monsters (out of 5). Sheer perfection. A great episode and a great season finale. I REALLY hope there is a season 3! Does anyone know if it has been renewed? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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In The Flesh Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: I Love You Amy Dyer (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 12:14 AM Rating: 5 I'm a little behind in recapping the final episode of season 2 of "In The Flesh". Oh the ...

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