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Penny Dreadful Episode 4 Recap: Dorian Is A Borian
Would You Like To Join Me For Some Afternoon Delight In One Of The Flower Beds?

I have professed my love for "Penny Dreadful" in a myriad of ways since the series began. The sets, the music, the story, the acting and the costuming are all perfect. My only gripe is with the casting of one character. I think they made a major misstep with Dorian Gray. 

First, the original Dorian had an otherworldly attractiveness. While I'm sure Reeve Carney is a fine actor and upstanding human being, I dont find him in the least bit compelling. To be honest, I find him to be... well a bore. Dorian wasnt the only one disinterested during the orgy scene. The part calls for someone a little older who has the physicality  and expressiveness to convey Dorian's complicated emotional state.   

Second, what's up with the final scene between Dorian and Ethan? That scene came completely out of left field. We know Dorian likes boys and girls but there's no indication of attraction between the two characters before that scene. I'm hoping Ethan was just really drunk. Was that scene thrown in for shock value? Cause I'm all for hot scenes regardless of the gender of the participants but that didnt do it for me. 

In other happenings during "Demimonde":
  • Dorian meets Vanessa in the botanical gardens. They share some sexy flower talk. "Is it (the flower) poisonous" ask Vanessa. "Like all beautiful things, I hope so" says Dorian. That man is such a sleaze ball. Nightshade also makes an appearance. It's number 4 on the list of  Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants In The World
  • Dorian, Vanessa, and Ethan all separately attend a play. They later run into each other. Vanessa appears to be stalking Dorian. Brona leaves because she feels out of place and is jealous of Vanessa. And she doesnt want Dorian to mention that they had sex. She tells Ethan that if he wants to sleep with her, he'll have to pay like everyone else. She doesnt understand why he wants to be with her anyway since she is dying. The last we see of Brona, she is laying in the gutter coughing up blood. Is she going to be Frankenstein's bride?
  • Victor and Malcolm continue to try treatments on Fenton. They want Ethan's blood but he refuses to donate. Hmm. What's up with that? A blood transfusion is finally performed but it's a failure. Victor consults with Van Helsing about what to do. He is an expert on "hematophagy" (ie the drinking of blood).  Vanessa offers Fenton an apple but he recoils saying he needs blood. Malcolm and Victor discuss options for getting Fenton what he needs. Sembene happens by, unceremoniously breaks the neck of a cat and throws it to Fenton. Problem solved!
  • Sir Malcolm seems to be a father figure to this motley crew. Victor is starting to regard him as such. Malcolm seems to have a similar relationship (although it is much more complicated) with Vanessa. 
  • Caliban is still lurking about. He wants Victor to make him a girlfriend. His one requirement is that she is pretty. Uh, you're not so handsome yourself there buddy! And who else thought Caliban was going to end up with the actress from the play? I thought he was going to drop something heavy on her head, or make her fall through a trap door, or really slit her throat in that bloody scene with the wolf. 
  • Fenton, AKA monkey boy, leads the vampire to Sir Malcolm's house. They are looking for Vanessa. Fenton keeps referring to her as "mother'. During a struggle, the vampire escapes and Fenton is killed by a shard of glass to the back of the neck. Ouch
  • We know Vanesssa is cursed but does that mean she cant go into churches? What will happen if she does? Will she burst into flames?
  • All the backstage activity of Caliban during the play was fun to watch. That man works hard for his money. 
Favorite Quotes:

  • "I like to see one extraordinary thing a day"- Dorian to Vanessa.
  • "I betrayed her one time but you ignored her her entire life"- Vanessa to Malcolm about Mina. 
  • "I suppose we all play parts" exclaims Dorian. "What's yours?" asks Ethan. "Human" says Dorian. 

Grade: 3 Monsters (out of 5). My least favorite of the episodes thus far (probably because I dont like Dorian). I still have faith though. There are lots more monsters to uncover and back stories to be told. I cant wait to learn more about Vanessa and Mina's history. 

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Penny Dreadful Episode 4 Recap: Dorian Is A Borian Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:02 PM Rating: 5 Would You Like To Join Me For Some Afternoon Delight In One Of The Flower Beds? I have professed my love for "Penny D...

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  1. Dorian does nothing for me either. The rest are enjoyable.