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Defiance Season 2 Episodes 10 Thru 11 Recaps: The Family That Kills Together
Im So Proud...

"Defiance" graced us with a twofer this week. Yeah! We need more "Defiance" all the time. In "Bottom Of The World" who's back in town but for Ambassador Tennety. Remember she's the woman we met previously who had two husbands and tried to kill everyone. Well now she's back with her two husbands and is as bitchy as ever. 

She goes on a tour of the gulanite mines and is offed. Amanda tries CPR but its no use. Im sure no one is particularly sad (not even her two husbands). Amanda and Pottinger are also trapped and near death. Potty tries to get Amanda to kill him to conserve oxygen. Always working an angle arent ya dude? Nolan and Berlin save them. Unfortunately they dont save US from having to watch a Niles/Amanda lip lock. Yuck!

Due to the mine collapse both Amanda and Nolan discover that they still have feeling for each other. Nolan tells Berlin. She says she dont need to love each other to continue having sex. He says he's a one woman kinda guy. OK. Let's just forget then that he previously slept with Amanda and her sister Jenny Schecter.  

Stahma makes a visit to Datak at the gambling hall to talk about Treasure Doll. She wants her out of the picture and wants Datak to do it. In exchange Datak wants back into the marital bed. Stahma says the price is too high and "I'll gut her myself".

California Flags Are The Newest Post Apocalypse Fashion Accessory

In other news Irisa steals a terrasphere from the E Republic. Note the wanted poster of Doc Yewll on the wall as she entered the facility. We definitely need more Yewll. Nolan catches her and tries to rein her in. That's hard to do to with teenager who cant be killed. The scenes between Nola and Irisa were great fun. Extra points for Irisa's California state flag cape.

It turns out that Quentin caused the explosion at the mines. He got rid of Tennety in exchange for his mother's freedom. She was being held by the VC (Voltan Collective). He then frames Rafe for doing the deed.  Linda Hamilton (ie Rafe's wife Pilar) is back in Defiance. After she hears what Quentin did to Rafe she slaps him across the face calling him a "stupid child". I'm so happy she's joined the show. "Defiance" needs Sarah Connors to set their asses straight. 

Tommy steals back the terrasphere for Irisa. She repays him by killing him. Of course we know he'll be back. And I'm not sure how to explain the ending. Irisa uses that energy thing to raise some spirits from the alien ship. Then they take over the cult member's bodies (including Bertie) and go back underground with everyone in little pods. I have no idea what that means.  

In "Doll Parts" we see an end to Treasure Doll. She is pushed out of the St Louis Arch. What a way to go. At first I thought Stahma was the culprit but that was a fake out.  

Amanda goes through Treasure Doll's possessions. Berlin joins her but picks up some Ben Wa balls. Amanda suggests she put those down. Too funny. 

Tommy becomes one of the Irzu cult members but his body rejects it for some reason. Apparently Irzu doesnt like humans. Anyway Nolan arrives with his weapons. He and Tommy concoct a plan and almost get away with Irisa-- emphasis on ALMOST. Irisa awakes. Tommy says he loves her and tries to convince her to fight Irzu. She stabs Tommy saying Irisa is no longer in control of her body. Irisa cant bring herself to kill Nolan. The last we see of them, Nolan is dragging a nearly dead Tommy back to safety on a improvised sleigh. Its very slow going. 

We also learn in the episode what those weird metal tendrils are that Irisa shoots out of her mouth. They are a Votan artificial intelligence (AI) know as Karizi. It's job is to capture slaves to rebuild the earth after its terraformed. Uh oh. This doesnt sound good. There's going to be an all out battle soon.
I Married A Girl Just Like Dear Old Mom

And it wouldnt be a episode of "Defiance" without a bathing scene. Christie is soaking. Alak finds a bottle of poison. At first he's worried that she has killed the baby. But nope. In a flashback we see what really happened to Treasure Doll. She invited Christie up to the arch for a poison tainted lunch. Christie detects the poison thanks to her heightened senses from Baby Tarr. A fight ensues. But its not a typical TV girl fight. Its a knockdown drag out battle. Christie kicks Deidre's ass and pushes her against the window (which collapses and she falls to her death). Christie has Alak join her in the tub. He at first seems terrified of what she's done but eventually comes around. Poor Baby Tarr. His/ her parents and all four sets of grandparents are killers. 

Meanwhile back in Defiance some poor Casti who is hacking up a lung confessed to killing Treasure Doll. Amanda isnt buying it. She drives over to the Tarr house. She sees Stahma welcoming a young Casti girl. Stahma sees Amanda and does her cute little head nod (which translates to... ha, I've won again you stupid suckers. Do not underestimate the power of the almighty Stahma!!!!)

Favorite Quotes:
  • When Tennety asks Amanda if she wants a job as a secretary. Amanda says "No thanks, I already work with prostitutes". 
  • Stahma: "Youve had Alak's whore Treasure Doll". Datak: "Yes she is skinny yet enthusiastic. I suggest you give her a try". Stahma: "I'd snap her like a twig". 
  • "The devouring mother has come. She is glory made flesh."- Irisa   
  • "The most we can hope for is what we want is worth the evil we do."- Stahma

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). I could have done without the mine story but the Tarrs are always delightful to watch. And next week is the two part season finale. I cant wait. You can bet there will be cliffhangers to season 3. Speaking of which, has "Defiance" been renewed? It better be. This is currently the best show on the SyFy channel.  

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