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Hemlock Grove Season 2 Episodes 2 Thru 4 Recaps: I Need A Snack


Roman is having a hard time controlling his urges to fang people. He is visited by his mother. Olivia says we are upir, that's what we do, get used to it. Roman replies "I would give anything, ANYTHING not to be your son!". Those two need some serious family therapy.

A blond woman's car is run off the road late at night. She goes to Roman's house for help. Will he attack her next? On a side note, if you dont recognize Miranda, it's because she looks WAY different here. Madeline Brewer played Tricia (the inmate with corn rows) on "Orange Is the New Black". 

Miranda goes to the tow shop where Peter works. She cant afford to have the car repaired so Peter offers to help her find spare parts. He warns her to be careful of Roman. And with that, another love triangle has been born.  

Remember the masked guy that blew up the house and family in episode 1? We now see he has a budy. They are killing random people and making the murders look like accidents. Peter and Roman continue to have the same cryptic dreams (the masks, numbers, a plane with a banner, snakes, dogs, blood, etc). Peter manages to save the little boy on the tricycle and tells his mother they must leave town immediately. For his trouble, Peter is thrown into jail. So far I'm not caring about this story line but it is a reason for Peter and Roman to get back together. 

Olivia tells Dr Pryce about her meeting with Roman over "a snack". They walk into a room. We dont see the "snack" but Olivia says "It's so much better when its fresh". It looks like they're bringing transients into town and draining their blood for Olivia's "therapy".

Lynda is still in prison. Peter tries to visit her but she's in ad-seg. He is able to get her a good lawyer thanks to the money he steaks from two drug dealers (who pay for their incompetency by each losing a testicle). Ouch! We get to see a little more of Destiny as she tries to help with Peter's visions. More Destiny please!

A side effect of Dr Pryce's therapy is that Olivia has developed feelings. I really enjoyed those scenes. Apparently she has developed a lot since she keeps killing people.  

Boring Norman is back. Marie sues Godfrey Industries over botching Leatha's delivery which resulted in the deaths of Leatha and the baby (so they think). Marie tells Olivia she has finally won Norman (since Olivia has been sleeping with him for 10 years anyway). Of course Marie cant just say her peace and make a hasty exit. Really bad move Marie! Next we see her in Olivia's bathtub with her head turned around backwards.  

Clementine's brother Micheal Chasseur is now the Hemlock Grove sheriff. I was personally hoping Clementine would be back but I guess she's really dead. 

Dr Pryce's experiments are still a point of interest. We have no idea what they're really up to. We see Dr Pryce's Russian assistant experimenting on blobs of "something". Later hazmat suited workers scrub blood off the wall after an experiment goes bad. Roman is still obsessed with finding out what is in the subbasement.   

Shelly finally reappears. Yeah! Let's all pretend we dont know she played by a different actress. Christine emerges from her grave in wolfie form and chases Shelly through the woods. Shelly has had enough and rips Christine to pieces. Bye, bye Christine (for the second time). Of course you never know on this show. She may be back. Shelly is befriended by a kind boy.  

Roman's servants are not doing a very good job of hiding the baby. They come and go through the locked door right in front of Miranda. She conveniently starts lactating. Roman finds her breastfeeding the baby (who has stopped screaming for the first time since...never). This is some strange shit!

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Empathy, what a quaint waste of time. Isnt there something you can give me?- Olivia. 
  • "Think of it as a refreshing departure from your normal sociopathy"- Dr Pryce to Olivia.
  • "The treatments are most effective when they're fresh"- Dr Pryce. 

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). Bonus points for the episode 3 title "Gone Sis" shown on the "Wagon Oasis Motel" sign thanks to a few burned out bulbs. 

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Hemlock Grove Season 2 Episodes 2 Thru 4 Recaps: I Need A Snack Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 8:27 PM Rating: 5 ramascreen.com Roman is having a hard time controlling his urges to fang people. He is visited by his mother. Olivia says we are upi...

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