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Dominion Episode 8 Recap: Angels Can Smell Babies (Season Finale)
Come To The Dark Side. We Have Cooler Uniforms. 

With the 1 1/2 hour episode entitled "Beware Those Closest To You" we have reached the season one finale of "Dominion". So what did ya think? As you may recall from my early reviews of "Dominion" I wasnt sure I would stick with the show: Dominion Recaps I'm definitely glad I did though since they brought it in later episodes. 

What twists and turns did we see in the finale:

  • Alex rats on Michael to the counsel. But it was all a ruse to try to get Gabriel into Vega and kill him. Is it just me or does that sound like a really BAD plan?  
  • Michael says the stories about his past are true but he was just following God's orders. After his Babylonian beatdown by Gabriel and Uriel, Michael is saved by the same boy that he tried to kill. He then becomes Team Human. 
  • It turns out that Arika is really Evelyn. And that her main squeeze is... wait for it... Uriel. Nope didnt see that coming. 
  • Claire and William wed... boring. 
  • Angels can apparently smell babies. Uriel sniffs out that Claire is preggo with Alex Jr. Their plan is to get Claire and baby to Helena and then Alex will follow. Uriel will then beat her brothers and regain God's favor. Everyone on the show quickly finds out about the baby (cause theyre all a bunch of gossips). 
  • Noma tries to smooth things over with Alex but he's playing hard to get. Noma was sexy before but now with angel wings, shes super sexy. She later visits Gabriel to pretend she's on his side. At the end of the episode Noma is locked up in Gabriel's cave. Gabriel tells Alex he will kill her if he doesnt become Team Gabriel. 
  • Michael finds a lab where angels are being experimented on and goes nutso. Poor Louis is there and he's wingless. Michael ends up strangling Becca. Bye bye Becca. Well she didnt really get much to do on this show anyway. 
  • Claire finds out that William is a Gabriel Lover. She wants him killed. Daddy David takes him out to the desert and says dont come back to Vega. David leads the acolytes in a group prayer and then sets them on fire and locks the door. Way to go David!
  • Gabriel is locked in a cube. Those were fun scenes... ala "Silence of the Lambs". Let's face it. We all knew you weren't going to kill him or the show would definitely be over. Also I love the dark angel leather look. If I was an angel, that would be my outfit. 
  • There's not a whole lot going on with General Daddy this week. He steals a roller (ha, I've seen way too much "Defiance") and heads into the desert. 
  • At the end of the episode, Claire reads a letter from Alex to Chosen Jr. Alex enters Gabriel's cave followed by a zillion incoming angels (that looked a lot like bats). Uriel swears her allegiance to Gabriel (we think). William is wandering the desert. Maybe he'll run into General Daddy. Michael is somewhere. We dont know which team he's on at this point.
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What did we learn from the series as a whole?

  • 8 balls are people too (sorta)
  • Keeping a lion around as a pet is dangerous.
  • Angel wings are bullet proof. 
  • There is lots of coed bathing in the future. 
  • Some angels just want to live normal lives and sell fruit. 
  • The Angel Corps needs you. 
  • Angels can smell babies. 
  • Everybody lies. 

Will there be a season 2 of "Dominion"? It has not been renewed at the time of this writing. If so, I hope we see other cities like Helena or New Delphi or wherever else. I think everyone needs to get out of Vega and mix it up a little. 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). A great finale with lots of action. Thanks to a strong second half I'm now Team Dominion. We need to see more angel fights, coed bathing, 8 balls attacks and Claire crying. 

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Dominion Episode 8 Recap: Angels Can Smell Babies (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:17 AM Rating: 5 Come To The Dark Side. We Have Cooler Uniforms.  With the 1 1/2 hour episode entitled "Beware Those Closest To You"...

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