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Fear The Walking Dead Review Season 2 Episode 3: Nick Has Guts

"Fear The Walking Dead" continues to improve in it's third episode. Yeah! I just hope they can keep it up. This week features a cool crossover as our gang encounters what's left of Flight 462 (which was headed from LA to Phoenix when the ZA struck). If you missed it, check out the webseries on AMC: Flight 462

At the beginning of "Ouroboros" several survivors of the plane crash including Alex (or is she name Charlie?) and a badly injured Jake float in a raft. The guys want to kill Jake before he turns but Alex thinks otherwise. There's lots of wreckage in the water. Chris, Nick, Alicia and Daniel head ashore to see what they can scavenge. Chris wanders off and finds the broken fuselage. A man barely clings to life. Chris kills him to put him out of his misery. I'm happy Chris is starting to man up.

Nick is of course off looks for drugs (for himself and/or for Ofelia). He stumbles upon the coolest zombie of "FTWD" thus far. It's a walker stuck in sand (or maybe it's half a walker-- I'm not sure). Dozens of crabs attempt to eat his innards while he tries to eat them. Too funny! 

Burning Question: If crabs eat a walker, will they become ZombieCrabs? Remembers the ZombieCrows from "Resident Evil"? Could that happen here? Nick falls into the pit with the zombie. Then another walker falls on top of him. Uh oh! 

Meanwhile Alex runs by the others screaming. Dozens (if not hundreds) of zombies appear on the horizon. Our group is trapped. Daniel tries shooting a few. That's a waste of ammo. They are cornered at the beach. Luckily Nick (who is now covered in zombie guts) appears. He is invisible to the walkers (due to the old blood trick we've seen several times on "TWD"). You have to hand it to Nick. He's a smart dude for realizing what's happening.   

While the others are fighting for their lives, Strand, Madison, Travis and Ofelia stay aboard the ship. Travis makes himself useful by diving into the water to unclog the ship's water intake system. There's a walker stuck in there. And it's not just any zombie. It's the guy that wanted to kill Jake back on the raft.  

The others arrive back at the ship with Alex and Jake in tow. Alicia begs Strand to let them stay. He thinks they're too much of a risk. Madison comes to their defense. A compromise is struck. The Abigail will tow them in the raft. Strand decides otherwise and cuts the rope. That dude isnt playing. He's hell bent on reaching Mexico and wont let anyone get in his way. What would you do in this situation? I would let them stay in the raft. What harm could that do? PLUS Alex has some mad skills (and prior knowledge about the epidemic). She could be the next "Carol". 

Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). After a very rocky start, I'm thrilled to report that "FTWD" is improving. We are finally seeing lots of zombies (including the super fun CrabZombie). The humans aren't nearly as irritating and manage to defend themselves. I do hope we see Alex again. She could very well be one of the strongest characters.

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April 29, 2016
Fear The Walking Dead Review Season 2 Episode 3: Nick Has Guts Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 3:42 AM Rating: 5 "Fear The Walking Dead" continues to improve in it's third episode. Yeah! I just hope they can keep it up. This week featu...

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