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Lost Girl Season 5 Episodes 11-16 Reviews: Fae-d To Black (Series Finale)

I finally got around to reviewing the rest of "Lost Girl". I just wish SyFy had aired the entire season in one run (instead of breaking it into two parts). I'm sure I'm not the only one to have lose interest by the time the show returned the following year. 

"Lost Girl" got three things right in end though: 1. "LG" brought back all the old regular characters (yeah Kenzi); 2. They successfully tied up the mythology (yes it is very complicated); 3. The finale was appropriate and I think pleased most fans.

The last episodes were surprisingly strong for a show ending it's series. The writers didn't just phone it in. They had time to pursue different creative options (which I enjoyed). 

"Sweet Valkyrie High" allowed Acacia, Freyja and Stacey to return. Acacia as Tamsin's teacher at Valkyrie School was great fun to watch.  

"Family Portrait" shows us the unfortunate end of GrandDaddy Trick and Mama Aife. 

I could have done without all this horse (Pyrippus) stuff but whatever. I'm more of a cow-person myself. 

In the series finale "Rise", Team Bo saves the world from oblivion one last time (after it initially looks like Bo kills everyone by burning down her house with them in it). Then it looks like she kills them all again but sucking out their chi (along with everyone else in the city). 

Daddy Hades (ie Jack) is defeated in the end. That Eric Roberts is excellent at playing a sleaze ball isnt he? Everyone survives (except Tamsin who has baby Valkyrie and floats up to Heaven). I must admit that brought a tear to my eye. Kenzi takes the baby and drives away. Dagny will be raised far from the fae in order to protect her. 

Vex and Mark get together (after Chris turns for the first time of course). Mark convinced daddy wolf Tyson that dark and light fae can work together. 

In the main event (at least in my mind), Lauren and Bo confess their love for each other for the umpteenth time. Dr Hotpants says "I, human Lauren Lewis, want to spend the rest of my life with you, succubus Bo Dennis". How sweet. I would have liked the scene to be longer, but at least Bo gets the girl in the end. Yeah! Doccubus is end game. It's a miracle! I was seriously distracted the whole time though because their car was sitting on a railroad track. Not safe people. Not safe at all! 

In the final scene a teenage Dagny arrives at the Dal. There she meets the whole crew who say they've been watching over her. Just a reminder that Dagny is Bo's sister. Jack got Tamsin pregnant after visiting her disguised as Bo. No, I'm not sure exactly how that worked. 

And this is exactly how the show began five year ago. A woman who doesnt understand her fae powers walks into the bar. And so we've come full circle.  

Episode Guide:  

Episode 11: "Sweet Valkyrie High"
Episode 12: "Judgement Fae"
Episode 13: "Family Portrait"
Episode 14: "Follow The Yellow Trick Road"
Episode 15: "Let Them Burn"
Episode 16: "Rise"

Grade: 4  Monsters (out of 5). A good and appropriate ending. "Lost Girl" has always been a strange journey. There's really nothing else like it on TV. Is it great television? Probably not. Does it have a completely confusing mythology. Yes, but if you watch it for a while you're drawn into this strange universe. The lead character is a
bisexual succubus who has both male and female partners. Several other characters are sexually fluid. Some are dark fae. Some are light fae. Some are human. It's no big deal. Everyone is just what they are. That's progress if nothing else.   

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April 27, 2016
Lost Girl Season 5 Episodes 11-16 Reviews: Fae-d To Black (Series Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 7:27 AM Rating: 5 I finally got around to reviewing the rest of "Lost Girl". I just wish SyFy had aired the entire season in one run (instead ...

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