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The 100 Season 2 Episodes 1-6 Reviews: Blood Must Have Blood

Before we discuss season 2, let's take a quick look back at the previous happenings. Earth was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago. Some 2400 people survived in 12 space stations. They eventually band together into one structure known as "The Ark". Resources on the Ark (including oxygen) become scarce. In an attempt to save the others, 100 juvenile offenders against their will are sent to Earth. If they survive the planet's radioactive fallout, others will return. The kids must work together or die. They encounter a number of strange humans on the planet as well as mutated creatures and the occasional acid fog storm. See my season 1 reviews here: The 100 Season 1 

The main cast includes:

The Kids:
  • Clarke Griffin- Abbey's daughter and the main character. 
  • Bellamy Blake and his sister Octavia.
  • Raven Reyes and her boyfriend Finn Collins (who also had a thing with Clarke).
  • Jasper Jordan- he meets a girl (Maya) in Mountain Weather and wants to stay. 
  • John Murphy (better known as just Murphy)- an untrustworthy little weasel but he does prove useful at times. 
  • Monty Green- a tech wiz. 
  • Wells Jaha- Chancellor Jaha's son. He dies in season 1. 

The Adults:
  • Thelonious Jaha- Chancellor of the Ark. He tries to do what is best for his people which means making some difficult decisions. His son Wells is one of the original 100. Wells dies in season 1. 
  • Abby Griffin- Clarke's mother. He is also a doctor and was on the Ark's council. It is revealed that Abby was inadvertently responsible for Clarke's father's death on the Ark by "floating" (which means they jettisoned him out into space).  
  • Marcus Kane- He was originally a baddie but seems to be getting a little better with time. He has a sweet spot for Abby (even though he previously tried to have her killed). 

People of Earth:
  • Grounders- the first humans that the 100 encounter. They're off to a rocky start. 
  • Reapers- they are cannibals. Even the Grounders are afraid of them. 
  • Mountain Men- they live in Mount Weather and are the most high tech of the groups. 

Season 2 opens with Clarke waking up inside a white room in the Mount Weather facility. The show began with 100 kids heading to Earth (hence the title). Now we're down to 48. The Mountain Men have a seemingly good life. There's lots of cake, music and art treasures to admire. They only problem is, unlike the 100 or the Grounders,  the Mountain Men have no natural immunity to the radiation outside. They are therefore stuck inside their fortress. 

Jasper likes it at Mount Weather. He found a girlfriend. Clarke wants leave to find the others. She becomes increasingly suspicious of the Mountain Men. President Dante Williams tries to talk her down but to no avail.  

All of Ark stations have plummeted to Earth. We're not sure who survived and who didn't (and where they landed). Abby and Kane are reunited with Raven (and the others that werent carted away by the Mountain Men). Raven is badly injured and might die. Abby performs surgery without anestesia to remove the bullet in her spine. The surgery is partially successful but she still can' feel one of her legs. Abby sends Bellamy, Finn, and Murphy in search of Clarke. 

Jaha is still on what's left of the space station. He finds a baby holding a chess piece. It turns out to be a halluciation. He also sees his dead son Wells who encourages him to keep living. Jaha flings himself outside and catchs a rocket to the Earth. I'm not sure exactly how that works...but whatever. He lands in the desert and is eventually rescued by another group. Some of them are mutated due to the radiation. They hope to get to the City of Light. They trade Jaha to the Grounders for a horse. Jaha is thrown into a pit where he's reunited with Kane. 

Finn goes ballistic on an innocent group of Grounders and slaughters a number of them. Clarke is horrified. Now the Grounders are really out for revenge. . 

Octavia (who seems to spend half her time being unconscious) wakes up and finds Lincoln is being punished for rescueing her. She holds a healer named Nyko hostage and demands that Indra release Lincoln. Octavia eventually makes it back to camp.  

Clark learns the Mountain Men's secret. They are draining the Grounders of blood and pumping it through the systems of their folks to make them resistance to radiation. Clark finds Anya (a Grounder leader she encountered previously) in one of the cages. They escape and somehow avoid being eaten by Reapers (who are tossed the dead bodies). They spend a lot of time running from soldiers and trying to kill each other (not necessarily in that order). 

Anya is apparently killed and Clarke is reunited with her mother in a touching scene. Each thought the other was dead. Their lovefest doesnt last long though. There is conflict between the adults and the kids (who are used to doing things their way). I imagine it will take some time to iron this situation out. 

A Grounder tells Jaha and Kane they must kill each other. The one left standing will negotiate for his people. A girl named Lexa is thrown into the cage with them. Marcus tells Jaha to kill him. When that doesnt work, he slits his wrists (but not fatally). It turns out Lexa is really the Commander of the Grounders. Did you see that coming?

Back in Mount Weather, Lincoln is captured and turned into a blood thirsty zombie-type by Dante's son. He goes after Octavia and Bellamy. That was a fun scary scene (especially since it took place in the dark.) It seems that the mole people are responsible for creating Reapers. Go figure. They are also acid fog as a weapon. Dante also wants the remaining sky kids to donate their blood to the others (or he will force them too). How many more people are going to die?

Jaha arrives back at camp. He has a message from the commander. "Leave or die. We have two days."

Grade: 4 Monsters (out of 5). "The 100" has become my most favorite show on CW. I originally thought it was just a "kids in space" show but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's expansive mythology is compelling. The actors are fun to watch. I also enjoy the visuals of a destroyed planet. Lincoln hanging out near a destroyed Lincoln Memorial was a hoot.  

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April 3, 2016
The 100 Season 2 Episodes 1-6 Reviews: Blood Must Have Blood Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 10:12 PM Rating: 5 Before we discuss season 2, let's take a quick look back at the previous happenings. Earth was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse 97 ...

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