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Vikings Season 4 Episode 5-9 Reviews: Death All 'Round

Everyone knows a viking's life is brutal. In case we forgot, the show likes to occasionally remind us. There were lots of deaths to go around recently.  Some deserved and some completely innocent. I'm convinced I wouldn't last a week amongst the Norsemen. 

After Ragnar and crew were defeated by Rollo, they did the unexpected and hauled their ships UP some rock  cliffs, through the woods and down to the river to attack Paris from the opposite direction. Has Rollo seriously underestimated how crafty his older brother can be? How did the vikings even pull off such a feat? The more I learn, the more impressed I am by them.  

Yidu is drowned by Ragnar (in front of his young sons no less). I thought she would have a larger role this season. It turns out she's only there to get Ragnar hooked on drugs. Ragnar is going through withdrawal in a big way. He has the shakes and looks like death warmed over. He has visions of spiders. Eeeekkk! I hate spiders. He's saving his last dose of opium so he can go all berserker on Rollo's ass. 

Erlendur orders Tovi to kill Bjorn or he will kill their son. She resists since she truly loves Bjorn. When the time comes she instead turns and crossbows Erlendur. Bjorn takes the ring that Erlendur had given the bezerker that first tried to kill him and places it on the bolt in his chest. That was a suspenseful scene! 

Lagertha loses her baby. Remember the baby daddy is Kalf (who she murdered on their wedding day in revenge for him taking her title and trying to kill her family). Unfortunately her miscarriage is not a surprise. Remember the seer told her back in season 1 that she couldnt have any more children. Ragnar and Bjorn attempt to console her. She wants to be alone. Instead of leaving, they both back up a few steps and sit on the ground behind her silently. This was one of the best scenes of the series thus far. It was acted perfectly by everyone involved. Truly heartbreaking! 

The gruesome twosome of King Harold Finehair and Halfdan the Black attack a farm house. They know the family who lives there is hiding. Instead of just taking their stuff and leaving they brutalize everyone. The women are raped. The son's head is cut off. The father's eyes are gouged out and he's hung on the door to die. That was one of the most brutal scenes of the series (and there are lots of contenders). I hate those guys! The sooner Ragnar kills them, the better. 

Floki continues to have visions of Aslaug. Is it a reaction to his wife Helga's death? We've often questioned whether Floki is a seer or a god or what... so I have no idea what it means. It is strange though. 

In Paris, the conniving incestuous brother and sister duo of Roland and Therese tell Emperor Charles that Count Odo has his eye on the crown. Roland eventually catches Odo tied up (as he's done to Therese many times before). He whips Odo to death. We see the blood spray on Therese's face. She seems to enjoy herself.  

Next Charles asks for Roland's permission to bed Therese. It's actually all a ruse to get Roland instead. Charles gives Roland some big title (Count Something-Or-Other). Princess Gisla announces she is pregnant. She doesnt like Roland's sudden favor with her father and suggests Rollo kill him. In a fun scene, Rollo wants to have sex but is spurned by Gisla due to her condition. He laments "most things are better here but some things were better there". Too funny. 

Back in Kattegat, Harbard is sleeping with all the ladies. He says its to help them heal and drive away their demons. You keep telling yourself that dude! This sends Aslaug into a blind rage. That girl is cray cray. Meanwhile Sigurd finds Little Siggy (Bjorn's daughter) dead in a stream. Neither Aslaug nor her other son seem the least bit phased by the news. Aslaug should be proud. She's raising a budding psychopath in little Ivar. 

Over in Wessex, King Ecbert has successfully made a power play for the Mercian crown. When Queen Kwenthrith finds out, she first tries to escape town. That doesnt work so she tries to stab Ecbert in his sleep. Luckily Judith is nearby and stabs her. Ecbert apparently doesnt feel the least bit phased that his grandchild just died along with it's mother. Little Magnus (Ragnar's son) is safe though. Ecbert will use him as a bargaining chip when Ragnar returns. My guess is Ecbert's next goal will be the Northumbrian throne. He has Judith wrapped around his finger (after telling her he loves her). Ecbert also knows she hates her father King Aelle. King Ecbert definitely knows how to get what he wants.  

Meanwhile sons Aethelwulf and Albert has arrived in Rome. The pope has a ceremony where he makes Albert the consul of Rome, guardian of the realm, or some such thing.   

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Grade: 4 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). "Vikings" reaches it's mid season finale next week so expect even more bloodshed. The main event will be Ragnar vs Rollo. I don't think they will fight to the death (since Rollo has to found Normandy and Ragnar still has some kick left in him). But this is historical fiction so who knows? It should be SUPER EXCITING either way. 

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April 17, 2016
Vikings Season 4 Episode 5-9 Reviews: Death All 'Round Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 9:11 PM Rating: 5 Everyone knows a viking's life is brutal. In case we forgot, the show likes to occasionally remind us. There were lots of deaths t...

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