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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Not Cool, Not Cool At All (Season Finale)

I love ya "TWD" but I must say I'm disappointed. The finale entitled "Last Day On Earth" was plugged as the most shocking ever. The actors were quoted as saying they alternately cried and threw up while reading the script. It was hinted that there would be at least one (if not two) major character deaths. Instead we are left with 80 minutes of filler and 10 minutes of Negan. In the words of our new favorite villain "Not cool not cool at all." Was he referring to Rick killing his people or this abysmal episode? I think the latter.   

For most of the show our gang travels the roads. Maggie is on the verge of a miscarriage. They must get her to the doctor in Hilltop ASAP but are thwarted at every turn by the Saviors. My suggestion would be to bring the doctor TO Alexandria instead of loading everyone into an RV... but no one asked me. And the only people left back there are: Enid (locked in a closet), Father Gabriel (who has decided to FINALLY man up), poor baby Judith, Tobin, that woman that likes to inventory food and some other people that just showed up a while back. 

On a related note, how many roadblock scenes are necessary? Each time there's a bigger obstacle. It became laughable at some point. First, it's a few guys. Then a few more guys and cars. Then some flaming lumber. Then a bunch of walkers wearing our heroes clothing. You could have just driven over them ya know!!! 

The other story line has Morgan finally locating Carol (who is incapacitated by a stomach wound). She is determined to die and gives Morgan the slip again. She's cornered by What's-His-Name (the one Savior who escaped her wrath on the road). He knows he will die soon and plans to take Carol with him. He shoots her in the arm and then the leg. Just when he's about to deliver the death blow, Morgan arrives and shoots the crap out of him. If Carol succumbs to her injuries, this is the stupidest death ever. Unfortunately, given what we saw tonight, I wouldnt put it past "TWD".  

Some guys in armor show up. I'm hoping for a "The Walking Dead" and "Once Upon A Time" crossover. Wouldn't that be great fun? I'd like to see some Storybrooke characters eaten by zombies. I'm looking at you Hook. SwanQueen all the way... but I digress. It's just "The Kingdom". Carry on.  

Team Rick (Abraham, Carl, Eugene, Sasha, Maggie, Carl, Aaron, and Rick) are becoming increasingly frazzled. Eugene devises a plan. He will get the Saviors to follow him in the RV. It looks like the end of the line for Eugene. He gives his directions for making bullets to Rick. Eugene and Abraham share a tender moment. And off he goes. 

Everyone else runs through the woods with Maggie on a stretcher. They hear whistling coming from all directions. Apparently Whistling 101 is a required Saviors' course. Upon entering a clearing they are completely surrounded by baddies. Good lord, how many are there? 

Negan eventually emerges. We've been waiting all season for him and Jeffrey Dean Morgan does not disappoint. He's a menacing figure carrying a bat named Lucille. It's wrapped with barbed wire. The Saviors bring out Daryl, Michonne Glenn and Rosita. Eugene was also apparently captured right after he left. The whole gang is together again. 

Negan forces our people to their knees. Terror registers on everyone's faces. They are trapped. Negan tells Maggie she looks like hell and he might as well put her out of her misery. At this point, Glenn freaks but is quickly subdued. Rick is trembling with fear. What happened to the cocky guy we saw last week? My, how things change.  

Negan plays eenie-meenie-miney-mo to pick who will die as a result of Rick's foolishness. And this is where the show SERIOUSLY pisses me off. We know someone is being beat to death but we cant tell who. All we see is blood dripping from the camera lens. That better just be a cameraman. Curse you "TWD"!  

Favorite Quotes:
  • "Not cool, not cool at all."- Negan to Rick about killing his people. 
  • "Bitch nuts"- Abraham when he sees the massive Savior roadblock.
  • "Everything we've done, we've done together."- Rick to a sick Maggie. 
  • "You're a survivor. You always were. We just didnt know it."- Abraham to Eugene. 
  • "You wanna make today your last day on Earth?"- a Savior to Rick.
  • "If you care about anyone, there's a price."- Carol to Morgan. 
  • "It's not your time. You're going to come back from this."- Morgan to Carol. 
  • "You thought you were safe.. You're not safe. Not even close."- Negan to Rick. 
  • "I'm going to be at the holy hell out of Lucille. This is Lucille and she is awesome."- Negan. 

Grade: 2 Monsters (out of 5). Yep, I'm disappointed and angry. We didnt need 90 minutes of them driving around. The same could have been accomplished in the usual hour. This episode just felt "off" and there were WAY too many commercials. 

Also, have the writers lost their minds? Carol's personality has changed completely and I dont buy it. She's a survivor. I doubt she'd become suicidal. And when did Rick become so stupid? Couldnt you guys smell that trap a mile away? Cause I could. Morgan has been forced to violate his code and kill to protect Carol.  

After all the hype, "The Walking Dead" intentionally manipulated us (and it isnt the first time). I still havent forgotten Glenn's run-in with the magical dumpster. The finale just felt cheap. We are loyal fans AMC. We deserve a little something for our viewership-- and this wasnt it.    

OK, back to the million dollar question. Who do you think died? I'm going with Glenn (since that's what happened in the comics). If it's not Glenn, I'm going with Eugene (who TRIES to be a hero) or Abraham (who wants to have babies with Sasha). I'll be back in October to see but I've lost my enthusiasm for "TWD" after this episode. Am I off base? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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April 5, 2016
The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Not Cool, Not Cool At All (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 6:21 AM Rating: 5 I love ya "TWD" but I must say I'm disappointed. The finale entitled "Last Day On Earth" was plugged as the mo...

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