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Naked And Afraid Episode 6 Recap: Beware The Bayou

This week's episode found our two participants in the swamps of Louisiana. Walking through that water for 3 weeks looked really miserable. It seems the women continue to have the toughest mindset of the two while the men are more task oriented and tend to have a wider fluctuation of emotions. Not sure if it was edited this way but Billy was doing all the killing of snakes, getting the fire going etc. Ky stood around and watched a lot. Not sure why she didn't do herself. She did do an excellent job of encouraging him to keep going though.

  • Team: Billy and Ky
  • Location: Louisiana Bayou
  • PSR: Beginning: Billy 8.1, Ky 6.3; Ending: Billy 8.9, Ky 7.7
  • Personal items: Billy brought a knife and Ky brought a fire starter (which all I can say is its about time, why has no one else brought that so far?)
  • Challenges: Infections from the swamp, lots of mosquitoes, flooding, LOTS of poisonous snakes, alligators,  leeches, immersion food (the beginnings of trench foot), fire went out.

  • Per her website at htt:// , Ky's book "How To Run In High Heels" is out in the US in March 2014. Billy's book "Primitive Instinct Vol 1" and DVD about primitive bow hunting are currently available from his website at See also his Primitive Pathways channel on YouTube. Check out "Wild Edible Plants In Your Backyard".

    From the Discovery Channel website:

    Billy Berger and Ky Furneaux are dropped in the bayou and must survive 21 days in the Louisiana swamplands. They are washed out of their shelter by storms and have to tackle deadly snakes at every moment while avoiding the abundant hungry alligators.

    Billy Berger:
    Age: 39
    Current residence: Georgia
    Occupation: Freelance writer
    Relationship status: In a relationship
    Skills: Primitive weaponry, hunting, sourcing water
    Billy is as skilled with a bow and arrow as some are with a gun.
    He was introduced to the wilderness in his youth, going deer hunting with his father and brothers every year. A childhood discovery of an arrowhead lead to a fascination with Native American history, survival techniques and weaponry.

    From then on Billy began learning and mastering a myriad of survival skills. He hunts with only his primitive bow and arrow and is skilled at remaining undetected at close range.
    He began writing about primitive hunting in 2001 and in 2009 he started a YouTube channel under the name Primitive Pathways. His success and popularity on YouTube spawned his own website:

    In 2012, after 4 ½ years of filming, Billy released Primitive Instinct Vol. 1, an entirely self-filmed DVD showing primitive archery gear used in real hunting scenarios. He has worked as a survival skills instructor for troubled youth in Oregon, taught for Dave Canterbury, and demonstrated primitive skills at outdoor/hunting expos and college anthropology classes.
    Billy attributes his success to his parents, Karla and Bill, who encouraged him to follow his passion in the outdoors.

    Ky Furneaux
    Age: 39
    Current residence: Los Angeles
    Occupation: Stuntwoman
    Relationship status: In a relationship
    Skills: Water sourcing, fishing, plant identification, trapping
    Ky grew up in the Australian Outback. After a car accident broke her back and left her confined indoors in a bed, she has made a point of spending as much time outside as possible.

    Ky began a decade-long career as an outdoor adventure guide at the age of 19. She has many experiences with adventure, including a recent 10-day, 100-mile hike across the Sierra Nevada Mountains with only a pocket knife.

    At 28 years old, she decided to become a stuntwoman. Ten years later, she was voted the best stuntwoman in the world and earned the 2012 Taurus World Award. She has also recently authored How to Run in High Heels, a modern woman's guide to survival. Learn more at

    Grade: No grade was assigned since this is a reality show.

    World According To GMonster
    TV: Heavy On Sci Fi, Horror & Adventure; Light On Reality

    July 28, 2013
    Naked And Afraid Episode 6 Recap: Beware The Bayou Reviewed by Georgea Monstery on 11:03 PM Rating: 5 This week's episode found our two participants in the  swamps of Louisiana. Walking through that water for 3 weeks looked really mise...


    1. i want to know if they really survive there for 21 days

    2. I dont know but those water moccasins and alligators everywhere were seriously freaking me out. Do they have to sign a disclaimer saying if they get killed they can't sue? Some of the participants are posting on the Discovey website so they might answer any specific questions ya have.

    3. Ky and Billy seems like amazing specimens: If the two of them hooked up they could produce super babies that could survive anywhere and beat up anyone: even if Will Smith and Chuck Norris had kids: the Ky/Billy spawn would own!

    4. Haaa, that is so true. If they breed the rest of us don't have a chance :). They might be giving the cockroaches a run for their money if the sh@^^t hits the fan.

    5. Wow, This blog is a very good. Thanks for sharing beautiful informations.

    6. How did they actually get fresh water after the flood?

    7. I'm from Louisiana in an area that looks just like this. Did they drop them off in Stephensville? The location looks like something down 4-mile bayou road lol

    8. Hi Sherry, thanks for commenting. I'm not sure exactly where they were in LA but I would be interested to know. Also Billy and Ky were two of the best couples on the show to date. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Billy had one of the highest PSR scores to date (besides EJ and Laura who were on the show twice)-- not including "Naked & Afraid XL".