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Doomsday Preppers Season 4 Episodes 5 Thru 6 Recaps: You Said It Was Non Lethal And There Will Be Chaos (Season Finale)

How Much?

I had not previously recapped the last episodes of season 4 of "Doomsday Preppers" so wanted to do. On a side note. I have complained previously about how NatGeo numbers their episodes. I have "You Said It Was Non-Lethal" and "There Will Be Chaos" as numbers 5 and 6. Wikipedia has them as episodes 7 and 8. But either way here's the reviews:

"You Said It Was Non-Lethal"

Rick Demostrating The Effectiveness Of His Thorn Barriers

Jane and Rick Austin are preparing for an EMP on their 58 acre farm in the Appalachian
Mountains. You might know Jane as "Survivor Jane" on Twitter. Check her out at @SurvivorJane She has some great info/discussions on prepping and also live tweets "Doomsday Prepper" episodes.  

They have some 170 food sources disguised on their land. They are laid out in concentric circles with fruit in the center, then berries in the next layer out, then medical herbs in the next layer etc. They have 7 bee hives that produce 120 lbs/yr of honey. Honey never spoils. Honey found in the Egyptian pyramids can still be eaten today. One teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of milk can be used as a body cleanser. Jane reminds about the importance of hygiene in a SHTF situation. Rick makes pepper spray using the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper. It is so potent that they have to use respirators and even then still have issues. 

That Is One Potent Pepper!

Jane & Rick get a Practical Prepper score of 89/100 (which is the third highest scores to date). See highest scores below. 

Jim Checking His Car Preps

Jim in California is preparing for an earthquake (since he already lived through several). He makes a living as a scientific analyst. I think that means he tests stuff (so creates a number of his own inventions). He shows how to use a disposable camera to rig a doorknob to shock. He also has a fireball gun (which causes the target to burst into flames). That was fun.  

Jim keeps a two weeks supply of food in his car. Instead of backpacking, he "bodypacks". He has 35 lbs of supplies on his body.  He dresses in all black to intimidate others (if the need arrives).I dont know about you but seeing a guy that wears tactical clothing all the time tends to freak me out. That crosses the line into freaky IMHO.  Jim apparently doesnt want to be scored so I think he's the first person in the show's history not to have a Practical Prepper score. 

Jack Testing His Knife Throwing Skills

In Virginia Jack Houston and his teenage friends for a prepper group. They test their wilderness skills. They get a Practical Prepper score of  51/100.  

"There Will Be Chaos" (Not to be confused with "You've Got Chaos" from season 2)

Jerry Has The Highest PP Score In The History Of "Doomsday Preppers"

Jerry purchased an old ATT plant 5 years ago. He has spent some $7 million on upgrades. The site is completely self sufficient with solar power and wind turbines. It is built to withstand nuclear attack. He also drills to survive biological attack. They screen all incoming air. They use ultraviolet waves to kill contaminants.They have Cipro for anthrax poisoning.  He is also planning a 100 resident prepper community. 

Jerry gets a prepper score of 95/100 which I believe is the highest prepper score to date. While Jerry has a great setup, most people dont have the money to do what he has. It's still cool to see though.   

Josh, Rachel & Their Pigs

Josh and Rachel are preparing for fires in California. They have chickens, pigs and a hydroponics system. The fish they use is Talapia (because they are very fast growing). They are able to produce some 1100 gallons of food per year. They use duckweed to filter water to make it drinkable. 

They also have created "burn buckets" which are fake food stashes with potassium chloride that will poison anyone that eats them. The family also drills all the time.

Josh & Rachel get a Practical Prepper score of 77/100.    


Practical Preppers scores: 5 categories with 20 possible points in each category-- food, water, shelter, security, x factor. See other prepper scores here: Nat Geo Prepper Leaderboard 

95 is the highest rank achieved so far (by Jerry in the season 4 finale). The next highest is 94 for Rodney in season 3. The third highest is Rick and Jane with an 89/100 (season 4). 

43 is the lowest (by Brian in season 2). However, even a low score means you're doing something to prep (so I dont necessarily thinks that's a bad thing).   
Season 4 "Doomsday Preppers" episodes:

Episode 1: From Bunkers To Bug Out
Episode 2: Back To the Basics
Episode 3: To Fall Is To Die
Episode 4: Be The Prep
Episode 5: Shepherds And Wolves
Episode 6: Back To The Dark Ages
Episode 7: You Said It Was Non-Lethal
Episode 8: There Will Be Chaos

Grade: No grade assigned since this is reality show. 

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Doomsday Preppers Season 4 Episodes 5 Thru 6 Recaps: You Said It Was Non Lethal And There Will Be Chaos (Season Finale) Reviewed by GMonsterTV on 1:07 PM Rating: 5 How Much? I had not previously recapped the last episodes of season 4 of "Doom...

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