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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: And By Family Business We Dont Mean The Mob

Yep Nothing Suspicious About This Badly Disguised Ice Cream Truck

In "Family Business": we learn that the snow queen's name is Ingrid (and we already knew she was Anna and Elsa's aunt). The episode opens with an ogre attack on Belle and her mother back in FTL (fairy tale land). Her mother is killed but Belle has no memories of the event. 

Back in Storeybrooke, the main characters team up to search for the Snow Queen. Hey, how about checking that ice cream truck over there? Nope, that couldnt possibly hold any vital clues (since Ingrid operates the only ice cream shop in town). 

Regina tells Robin Hook that he needs to fall back in love with Marion so he can wake her up with true loves kiss. Dont know how that's possible with Regina nearby. Regina also calls Hook "Captain Guyliner". Too funny!

Fancy Meeting You Here

We finally find out what Belle is hiding. After her mother died she traveled to Arendelle to get her memory back. She meets Anna and they become fast friends. The rock dude (is his name Grandpappy?) tells Belle she has to drink some tea with a rock in it and her memory will be restored. He separately tells Anna that her grandfather erased the memory of everyone in the kingdom regarding their mother Gerta's two sisters-- Ingrid and Helga. He also removed them from all records. But why?  

Auntie Doesnt LIke You. Get Lost Anna!

Belle and Anna are on the mountain when a storm approaches. Anna slips and drops the box containing the Sorcerer's hat. Belle tries to save her rock but loses it. Anna plummets to the ground. Ingrid materializes at the bottom of the cliff and whisks Anna away. Next we see Anna in a cell. Ingrid accuses Anna of plotting to get rid of her with the hat. Anna denies it but Ingrid's mind is already made up. Anna is nothing like her so she's out of the family. Ingrid will find someone else to take her place. Ouch, that's harsh!  

Back in present day Storeybrooke, Belle enters the Snow Queen's cave when she is away. She sees the mirror. Inside appears a version of Belle who says mean things to her. She later tries to attack Rumple. Yep that mirror is bad news. Apparently it can do that to everyone in town. Just what I need, a mirror that insults me. 

Family Tree

Emma and company find a family tree from Arendelle. I thought all of those were destroyed? It appears that Helga looks like Emma. And the document says the savior will become Helga. And in the final scenes, Rumple confronts Ingrid. He now has the Sorcerer's hat so he has the upper hand. He threatens to put her inside it. Belle tells Elisa/Emma about her previous encounter with Anna. She also says Ingrid plans to use the mirror to make everyone in Storeybrooke turn on each other (except for her "family" which she believes is Elsa and Emma). 

This Hat Doesnt Match Your Outfit

I still dont understand Ingrid's master plan and how it could possibly involve Emma.  Is it just me or is this story a convoluted mess? Sometimes "OUAT" your prophesies and/or curses are way too complicated for us simpletons.

Favorite Quotes:

  • "Looks like the Diary Queen's been following me for some time."- Emma about Ingrid.
  • Regina: "Its bad enough Im stuck with you and Captain Guyliner making eyes at each other." Emma: I dont make eyes.  

Grade: 3 1/2 Monsters (out of 5). I ranked it lower due to that crazy plot which makes no sense to me. Anyway long live Swan Queen!

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